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What is the next generation key card folder?
Generic folders are stale and offer your guest little to no usable information. With the onslaught of mobile technology and smartphones, you have more powerful options! A MyMobie Listing is more than a way to deliver information to your guest. It’s an interactive, dynamic guest services tool that enables your guest to take your hotel and your guest services with them where ever they go . . .their guest room, on the road, in a meeting and even back home. Keep your hotel’s guest services a priority and your guest will reward you with their next reservation!
What are the smartphone facts?
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There are over 303 million cell phone users in the US.

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4 out of 5 cell phones purchased last year were smartphones.

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Mobile use was up 1200% in 2011 and will be higher in 2012.

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Most mobile searches are for travel, shopping, and local info.

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80% of mobile searches finish in a purchase.

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A mobile website costs around $5000. Updates are extra.
A MyMobie Listing is the mobile solution your guest expects!
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Take control of your local brand recognition, guest services and guest loyalty without the fear of inspectors and fines. Everything you once had on your custom key card folders can now be added to a MyMobie Listing, plus much more!

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Information available on the web and the ability to upload information to the web, provides an infinite amount of opportunities to keep your guest informed, offer concierge like services and increase guest satisfaction.

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The mobile facts at the top say it all! Your guests are making reservation choices based on mobile information access just like they made choices based on wireless internet access. Mobile is here, so get on board or get left behind!

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1 out of 200 URLs disappear from the web each week breaking QR Codes and hyperlinks. The unique address assigned to each MyMobie Listing prevents breakage, protects your collateral and ensures a consistent connection.

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With the increase in social media, your guest’s opinion is more important now than ever before. Using a MyMobie Listing to provide upgraded guest services in a fantastic way to increase good reviews and boost occupancy.

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Our MyMobie Dashboard gives you the ability to make changes and updates to your listing in an easy to use format as often as you choose. You no longer have to wait for your print collateral to run out before updating and sharing new information.

What are the Prices and Payment Options?
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* other payment options available on a case-by-case basis
“Thank you, thank you, thank you. We missed our custom key jackets and we're so excited to give our guests even more info than before. You guys rock!” - S Rochelle, GSM